“Each day, we strive to give our pets the same luxurious way of living that we would like to have for ourselves”

DoggyToy koffiewortel hout golden retriever pet-joy

After the launch of the DoggyBaggs in 1992, the brand soon became a leading dog bed brand in Europe. In 2020 we gave Pet-Joy a complete re-brand The beds are loved by dog owners, breeders, vets and kennel clubs.

Since then we've worked hard to expand our product range. All the products we develop have the same core values: stylish products, of high quality to be able to pamper and take careof our dogs in a way that fits our lifestyle.

For every moment of dogs' lives, we make sure there are products that allow them to be lovingly cared for and feel a sense of luxury. Products for resting, playing, eating, drinking, rewarding, walking, travelling, washing and hygiene.

Pet-Joy Products BV is a Dutch company. Every day we work with our close-knit team to improve the lives of dogs and other pets.

We're proud of Pet-Joy. We love to share our passion with retailers, distributors, partners and customers. We also love to share our passion with you. If you have any questions, let us know! 

"Every day we strive to ensure that our pets can enjoy the luxury and lifestyle we would also want for ourselves."