DoggyFresh White Wash.


With the addition of nourishing minerals, and herbal extracts, this shampoo is suitable for dogs with a white coat, no matter the length of the hair. The hotel is to ensure that the white coat is white that is. The PH is adjusted to the coat of your pet and does not affect the natural layer of fat, not to.

After washing with water, the Doggy Fresh-White-White can be the best, the Doggy Fresh Daily Conditioners for medium length to long haired coats. The condition means that the coat, which is prone to do, more to comb.


Dilute one part of me for the four parts of lukewarm water (about 20% of shampoo, and 80% of lukewarm water. Place the pre-wetted coat. Apply the shampoo and leave the shampoo for a few minutes. Next, the shampoo with warm water rinse-to-be.


Store in a cool and dark place. Shake before use

Because of the use of only natural ingredients the color and viscosity of the product may vary.