The DoggyBowl Steel Combi

The DoggyBowl Steel is a set of a dog feeding and drinking bowls with an industrial look.

  • The Steel has a cubical steel frame with wooden top.
  • The wooden top prevents food to fall on the floor, and thereby leaves the floor clean.
  • The height at which the bowls hangs makes it relaxed for the dog to eat.
  • The DoggyBowl Steel has a chic appearance and fits in every interior.

Available in two models: single and double.
And in the sizes S & M.

– Kubieke stalen frame met een houten bovenkant
– Chique uitstraling en past in ieder interieur
– Door de houten rand valt er geen eten naast de bak en blijft de vloer ten allen tijde schoon

Available in two models: single and double.
in de maten: S-M