About Pet-Joy Cushions And Baskets

1. Can I buy a separate new cover for my DoggyBagg?

Unfortunately, the DoggyBaggs' covers cannot be bought separately. 

2. Can I buy new padding for my DoggyBagg?

The filling of the DoggyBaggs consists of balls. This filling is sold separately. The product is called: Doggy Bagg Endurance pellets - NAVULLING (35 Liter) Compared to EPS pellets, these pellets make less noise when your dog lays down. And if your dog has an accident on the cushion or you want to clean the cushion, you can: the pellets are resistant to corrosive products such as ammonia (urine) and are odourless. The pellets are fully recyclable.

Refilling a DoggyBagg is a job best done in pairs:

  • Open the DoggyBagg at the zip or velcro. 
  • Cut a corner of the refill packaging.
  • Place the refill with the corner cut off into the DoggyBagg, making sure it is all the way around the inside of the DoggyBagg. Keep the refill's pocket and the DoggyBagg's opening connected.
  • The other person pours in as much refill as you think you need.
  • Close the DoggyBagg again. If you have leftover stuffing, you can save it.

4. Can a DoggyBagg or a DoggySiesta be used outdoors?

The DoggyBagg X-treme and the DoggySiesta X-treme both have waterproof exteriors. The cover of these two Pet-Joy cushion types is made with an add-on waterproof Teflon fabric protector manufactured by DuPontTM. This protects the lining from oil, water and other stains, ensuring long-term protection. As far as water and rain are concerned, both these X-treme product types can therefore stay outside just fine. However, please note that prolonged exposure to direct sun is usually not conducive to the quality of the fabric. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Pet-Joy DoggyBagg and DoggySiesta.  

5. Are Pet-Joy's baskets and cushions suitable for dogs with allergies?

The DoggyBagg X-Treme and the DoggySiesta both offer an allergy-free surface on which your dog can sleep and rest.

6. Are Pet-Joy's baskets and cushions resistant to biting and scratching?

The DoggyBaggs cannot withstand the sharp dog teeth and molars, nor their strong jaws. The DoggyBaggs are, however, designed to resist scratching from dog's nails.

About Pet-Joy DoggyToys

1. Does the DoggyToy Woodie splinter?

The DoggyToy Woodie is made of coffee tree root. Coffee tree root is a durable natural hard chew snack for dogs. The coffee root "wood" in the DoggyToy Woodie is 100% natural, so no additives. It is a good and safe alternative for dogs that like to chew wood. No splinters come off. However, after chewing you will see that small pieces of the coffee root come off. These are fibres from the root, so relatively soft material. This material has a probiotic (intestinal cleansing) effect, which is good for the intestines. So if the dog were to swallow the fibres of the DoggyToy Woodie, there is nothing wrong. Does your dog bite the Woodie into two pieces, or do very large pieces come off? Then take the Woodie away from the dog. Your dog will then benefit more from a larger size Woodie, as it will challenge its jaws more. 

2. Is the DoggyToy Woodie suitable for puppies?

Although puppies also like to chew, we do not recommend the DoggyToy Woodie to puppies younger than 12 weeks. With older puppies, we recommend supervision while munching.