Luxurious bench mats, wool blankets, dog pillows and baskets

In 1992, Pet-Joy introduced The DoggyBaggs, comfortable dog cushions that mould to the dog's body, are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The popularity of this item is still immense. More than 20 years later, Pet-Joy still has The DoggyBagg in its range with new modern colours and even better materials. Since then, a multitude of luxurious and comfortable products have been added to the collection, allowing dogs to relax at all times:

  • The DoggyBagg
  • The Pet-Joy Cozy
  • The DoggyDuvet
  • The DoggyTeddy
  • The DoggyTraveler
  • The DoggyTravelRoll
  • The DoggySiesta
  • The DoggySteel
  • The DoggyWool Blanket
Pet-Joy DoggySiesta jachthond

The DoggyBagg

11 products

The DoggyTraveler

3 products

The DoggySteel

The Pet-Joy Cozy

6 products

The DoggyTravelRoll

3 products

The DoggyWool Blanket

The DoggyDuvet Bench

9 products

The DoggySiësta

13 products

The DoggyTeddy

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The DoggySnuggle

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