Delicious and healthy peanut butter treats


Dogs like cookies/toppings and soft peanut butter. The Pet-Joy® Doggie Dippers™, Peanut Butter and Dip n Bitz are ideal on the go, at home and for interactive toys such as the lickimat. Traditionally baked cookies and crumble, responsible peanut butter, healthy and interactive. We are very proud of our partnership with The Happy Mutt Nut Company and are therefore proud to introduce the 3 variants of peanut butter snacks, each in multiple flavors:

  • Doggie Dippers - biscuits with a jar of dog peanut butter
  • Dip n Bitz - creamy peanut butter spread with crumble topping
  • Peanut Butter - creamy peanut butter spread for lickimats
Doggie Dippers snacks honden ambacht pindakaas
The Pet-Joy Doggie Dippers
The Pet-Joy Dip n Bitz
The Pet-Joy Peanut Butter
The Pet-Joy Christmas Cracker
  • A lot of dogs love peanut butter.
  • Did you know that some 'human' peanut butters are poisonous for dogs? It contains xylitol which causes an insuline spike.
  • The Pet-Joy® Doggie Dippers™ does not contain xylitol and is free from preservatives or additives.