With Pet-Joy, dogs rest at a higher level

The DoggySteel by Pet-Joy has a specially designed, unique, steel frame. The DoggySteel is designed to work with our popular DoggySiësta, DoggyDuvet and DoggyWool that are the perfect match for this. The frame has a contemporary, industrial look and feel.

It is easily to move around the entire room, but you can also easily lock it to prevent accidents. The wheels are equipped with a convenient brake, which ensures that The DoggySteel does not move around when your dog lies down on the pillow. The strong mechanism lasts a long time. You can easily clean underneath The DoggySteel, because it leaves an open space between the frame and the floor.

Boxer DoggySteel Pet-Joy voor DoggySiesta DoggyDuvet hond dog rest rust verrijdbaar

The DoggySteel