At Pet-Joy, we take care of our pets in the same way we take care of ourselves. With comparable luxury, joy and passion.

Discover the great things we are doing to improve your pet's life!

"Because dogs to have a comfortable place to rest, wherever they are."

We create our products to offer the same level of comfort we'd want for ourselves.

Our products are made to last the wear and tear of daily life.

The materials we choose in our products have no lasting impact on the environment.

Our products are designed to bring a level of joy to every single pet.

The DoggyBagg Strong

The best materials for ultimate relaxation.

DoggyBagg Strong Details
Made to Last

The DoggyBagg Strong features a durable fabric for long-lasting use.

All-Weather Comfort

A water-repellent coating ensures the pillow stays dry in any weather.

Personalised Comfort

Precision-engineered pellets conform to your dog's body for a tailored lounging experience.

Easy Maintenance

Effortless cleaning โ€“ simply remove stains by wiping them off with a wet cloth.

What we believe in:

"Every day we strive to ensure that our pets can enjoy the luxury and lifestyle we would also want for ourselves."

This is how you choose the suitable dog pillow

Pet-Joy has the pillow your dog wants. It will give your dog the luxury and comfort it deserves. Discover the best information and get inspired on offering your dog the best possible life. We've got everything about the right sizes, materials and colours for dog beds.

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