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At Pet-Joy, we take care of our pets in the same way we take care of ourselves. With comparable luxury, joy and passion.

Discover the great things we are doing to improve your pet's life!

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Pet-Joy offers carefully designed products for your dog

New at Pet-joy: The DoggyToy Woodies. A chew toy for dogs that really enjoy chewing. The chewing on the root releases fine fibres that help to clean your pooch's teeth and provide colon-cleaning benefits. The 100% natural stick is suitable for dogs with allergies because it does not splinter, is unprocessed, and contains no additives.

Available at the premium pet shops.

The DoggyCare: The best for our four legged friends!

The DoggyCare products are made up of beneficial micro-organisms, also known as probiotics, and are 100% organic ingredients that will deep clean, and at the same time, the biological equilibrium, optimization for reducing the risk of bacterial disease.


In the next step, you are in the right hondenkussen

Buy the doggybag that allows you to take your dog to the luxury and comfort that he needs. Find out the best tips and get inspired for your four-legged friend the best life has to offer. Everything is about the right size, material, damping, and the color of the hondenkussens can be found here.

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Only the best quality!

To produce outstanding products, we applied these three pillars:

Hygiene: a waterproof or water-resistant, no-hair-in-the pillow is easily removable, and will not have mites in the room.
Comfortable: if you choose a DoggyBagg with scoops of stuffing, or are you going to have a DoggySnuggle with pollar fleece filling? All pillows are made to make your dog the comfort and luxury that he deserves to be.
Sustainable: the material of the Cap-the Joy pillow is a bit stronger than a regular pillow to a long life-span, it's less of an impact on the global carbon footprint.
The polar fleece, keeps the dog warm and comfy
Cover is pre-treated with a Strong stofbeschermer
Water-resistant, and krabbestendig

Our DoggyBaggs

The DoggyTraveler

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The DoggyTravelRoll

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The DoggySnuggle

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The Doggy Bagge, X-treme & B

11 products

The Duvet-Top Of The X-Treme & B

10 products

The PJP Nap-X-Treme

5 products

The DoggyWool Blanket And Original

6 products

In The Doggy And His X-Treme

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"Each day we are working towards our goal: To give your pet the same luxurious way of living we want for ourselves"

Following the success of the ‘1992’ DoggyBagg Dog Bed collection, we have extended our product range with other popular products. Find the perfect fit in bench mats, woollen blankets, dog pillows and dog baskets. These are not only popular among dog owners, but also much appreciated by dog breeders, veterinarians and kennel clubs.