Dog grooming with sustainable products

Brushing and combing keeps the dog's coat shiny and the skin healthy. The DoggyBrush is a series of sustainable brushes, combs and nail clippers for dogs, cats and other animals with fur, made of bamboo. The DoggyBrush products are sturdy, handy, durable and easy to clean. The DoggyBrush range contains of 6 items:

  • Universal brush (slickerbrush) - for daily use for heavy or double coats, but also for the soft fur behind the ears or tail.
  • Detangling comb - Special comb for removing tangles in medium and long coats.
  • 2-in-1 brush - Double sided brush on airbeds. The pins have rounded ends so brushing does not hurt. Suitable for everyday use on every dog.
  • Curry Comb with rotating teeth - The rotating teeth make the comb go through the coat more easily. Even if there are tangles. Recommend using this comb after brushing.
  • Comb - For pets with a thick coat. Removes loose hairs and tangles and prevents matting.
  • Nail clippers - Sharp handy nail clippers with safety stopper in the form of a spacer.
Doggybrush duurzaam sustainable bamboo brush nail clipper comb