Snug basket with double-sided pillow


The DoggyTeddy is a snug basket with upright sides that dogs can roll up in completely. The DoggyTeddy is practical yet stylish. And especially soft on the inside. The outside is made of strong nylon and easy to clean. The bottom has an anti-slip coating. The bottom cushion has a cold side and a warm side, to create a colder basket in summer and a warmer basket in winter. The DoggyTeddy is available in black, brown, beige/grey and olive green.

The Shih Tzu in the picture sits in an olive green DoggyTeddy in size S

Pet-Joy doggyteddy hond mand dog bed winter zomer summer

Further information about the DoggyTeddy:

  • The outside of The DoggyTeddy has been made with the special Pet-Joy X-Treme material. Pet-Joy X-Treme covers are protected by a Teflon layer, manufactured by Dupont™. This layer ensures that the outside remains waterproof yet still has the ability to breathe.
  • If your dog is wet, the basket can be turned inside out (and the pillow back in) so that the soft inside will not get dirty.
  • The Pet-Joy X-Treme outside can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • The inner lining of the DoggySnuggle is made of polar fleece, so nicely warm and soft
  • In the summer, the bottom cushion can be flipped over to create a colder basket.
  • The DoggyTeddy can be put in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Do not wash the basket more often than needed to keep the X-Treme layer intact.

The sizes S, M, L and XL have the following measurements:

  • S: 45 x 22 cm
  • M: 55 x 25 cm
  • L: 65 x 28 cm
  • XL: 75 x 30 cm