Easy-to-carry travel pillow


The DoggyTraveler ensures that every dog has a comfortable spot, even during travels. It is a practical but stylish pillow and is surprisingly soft. The outside is made from strong, scratch-resistant nylon which is easy to clean. The leather straps make The DoggyTraveler easy to carry along with you.

The DoggyTraveler is available in the colours black, green and light grey.

Further information about the DoggyTraveler:

Dog pillow with a solid coating
Our high-quality water-resistant dog bags with strong surface coating, which are designed to keep your dog bag clean, bright and stain-free. Also, this product is resistant to scratching.
1) Stains are easy to remove: Pre-treated with a strong coating. Due to the special stain removing technology, you can remove it with a damp cloth.
2) Water-repellent fabric: The pillow is water-repellent, windproof and breathing.
3) A protective layer against moisture and allergens: To protect against mites, skin irritation, and moisture.
4) Hypoallergenic: Provides an allergy-free surface on which your dog can sleep and rest.
5) Breathable: A breathable layer keeps the filling in the mattress dry and allows body moisture to evaporate.