The DoggyWalker

DoggyWalker products have been created for the best walks. The product range consists of collars, rope leashes and slip lines. The DoggyWalkers have been made of double-sided leather with a branded Pet-Joy logo, a 10 mm diameter strong, woven rope and luxurious rose gold details. The DoggyWalkers are available in several modern colours.

TheDoggyWalker offers the best comfort. The leash is 160 mm long. The slip line is 170 mm long. The slip line has a leather stop to change the length. The collar and the slip line can be adjusted to the neck of the dog without any issue. For a dog a leash with a consistent/predictable length is best. They will always know the distance from you to them. This is important when walking through crowded areas like traffic, or when they needs to learn not to pull at the leash.

The DoggyWalker feels soft in the hands of the owner and is easy to maintain.

Pet-Joy husky DoggyWalker slipline walk dog


The DoggyWalker Slip Line

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The DoggyWalker Rope Leash

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The DoggyWalker Halsband

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