Frequently asked questions

About Pet-Joy Cushions and Beds

1. Can I buy a new cover for my DoggyBagg?

Unfortunately, the covers for the DoggyBaggs are not available for separate purchase.

2. Can I buy new filling for my DoggyBagg?

The filling of the DoggyBaggs consists of small beads. This filling is available for separate purchase under the product name: Doggy Bagg Endurance Beads – REFILL (35 Liters). Compared to EPS beads, these beads make less noise when your dog shifts position. Additionally, if your dog has an accident on the cushion or if you need to clean it, these beads are resistant to corrosive substances like ammonia (urine) and are odorless. They are fully recyclable as well.

3. Do you have any tips on how to best handle refilling the filling?

Refilling a DoggyBagg is a task that is best done with two people:

  • Open the DoggyBagg using the zipper or the Velcro.
  • Cut a corner of the refill packaging.
  • Place the refill with the cut corner into the DoggyBagg, ensuring it fills the entire inside of the DoggyBagg. Keep the bag of refill and the opening of the DoggyBagg aligned together.
  • The other person pours in as much refill as you think you'll need.
  • Close the DoggyBagg again. If you have any refill left over, you can store it for later.

4. Can a DoggyBagg or a DoggySiesta be used outdoors?

The DoggyBagg X-treme and the DoggySiesta X-treme both have a waterproof exterior. The cover of these two Pet-Joy cushion types is made with an add-on waterproof Teflon fabric protector, manufactured by DuPontTM. This provides protection against oil, water, and other stains, ensuring long-lasting durability. Regarding water and rain, both of these X-treme product types can remain outdoors without issues. However, please note that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may not be beneficial for the fabric's quality. This unfortunately applies to the Pet-Joy DoggyBagg and DoggySiesta as well.

5. Are the beds and cushions from Pet-Joy suitable for dogs with allergies?

The DoggyBagg X-Treme and the DoggySiesta both provide an allergy-free surface where your dog can sleep and rest.

6. Are the beds and cushions from Pet-Joy resistant to biting and scratching?

The DoggyBaggs are not resistant to sharp dog teeth and molars, nor to their strong jaws. However, they are designed to withstand scratching by dogs.

About Pet-Joy DoggyToys

1. Does the DoggyToy Woodie splinter?

The DoggyToy Woodie is made from coffee tree roots. These roots provide a sustainable, natural hard chew for dogs. The "wood" from the coffee root in the DoggyToy Woodie is 100% natural without any additives. It serves as a safe and suitable alternative for dogs who enjoy chewing on wood, as it does not splinter. After chewing, you may notice small pieces of the coffee root fibers coming off, which are relatively soft materials. These fibers have a probiotic effect that is beneficial for digestion, making it safe if your dog swallows them. However, if your dog bites the Woodie into two pieces or large pieces break off, it's advisable to remove the Woodie to prevent any potential choking hazards. Providing a larger size of Woodie can also better engage your dog's jaws.

2.Is the DoggyToy Woodie suitable for puppies?

While puppies also enjoy chewing, we advise against giving the DoggyToy Woodie to pups younger than 12 weeks old. For older puppies, it's recommended to supervise them while they chew.