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For over 20 years, the finest leather dog collars and dog leashes have been made at the Dutchiz atelier. In September 2021, an exclusive collaboration was formed between Pet-Joy and Dutchiz through which Pet-Joy added these special designs to its range. Take a look and be amazed by Dutchiz's high-quality and timeless designs.

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The DoggyLeash is a line of exclusive dog collars. All products are handmade with great care and are shipped worldwide from our own studio in The Netherlands. The leashes are manufactured from high-quality naturally-tanned saddle leather from The Netherlands and consists of two layers which are stitched together. This is a unique feature to our collars. The products ensure high wearing comfort and durability. The timeless designs of The DoggyLeash provide a suitable collar for every dog. With regular maintenance of the leather, the dog collar will last a lifetime and will be enjoyed during many pleasant walks.

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