Luxury toys for fun!

The Pet-Joy DoggyToy is a varied range of toys from Pet-Joy. A carefully curated range of beautiful tough dog toys made from luxury materials. With various colour schemes, so that the toys suit everyone's taste and every interior. Tough, luxurious and engaging for dogs. Quality and a pleasure to watch for the owners.

The DoggyToys come in many varieties:

  • The DoggyToy Tugs
  • The DoggyToy Rope
  • The DoggyToy Buddies
  • The DoggyToy Oxford
  • The DoggyToy Woodies
  • The DoggyToy Snackies

Be inspired by its versatility!

The Pet-Joy DoggyToy Snackies entertaining snacks

The DoggyToy Woodies

11 products

The DoggyToy Buddies

3 products

The DoggyToy Oxford

6 products

The DoggyToy Rope

5 products

The DoggyToy Tug

3 products