The DoggySnack

The Pet-Joy DoggySnack is a line of products consisting of tasty treats for dogs. The DoggySnacks are developed to be able to reward your dog in a natural way.

The DoggySnack assortment exists of the following products:

  • 'The DoggySnack Bone', consisting of 4 different sizes of pork bone with fresh meat.
  • 'The DoggySnack Fish': fish kibbles from 5 different fish: herring, prawns, salmon, lobster and a mix of fish.
  • 'The DoggySnack Vegan': soon we'll launch vegan snacks.

Snacks give dogs pleasure and relaxation. Chewing also stimulates dogs' teeth and removes tartar and plaque.

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The DoggySnack Natural PorkBone

4 products

The DoggySnack Fish

10 products

The DoggySnack Vegan

11 products