DoggyCare Eye Care

DoggyCare Pet Eye Care is a simple and quick fix for cleaning the corners of the eyes and eyelids for your family pet. The added pro-biotic products clean and remove organic debris, which can cause infections. Verified by veterinary surgeons

Instructions: Use DoggyCare Pet Eye Care and dab the corner of the eye gently to soften the crust. Allow the product to soak in, and wipe it gently. Use a different pack for each eye to avoid infection. Repeat the treatment regularly, to avoid inflammation.

30% water, <5% anionogene oppervlakte-actieve stoffen, biologische agentia micro-organismen EU groep 1.

Recommendations: shake well before use. Do not use with any other product. Not suitable for the human consumption. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store in a dry place out of the reach of children.