DoggyFresh Technology & Repair Conditioner


The conditioner will help with the dry, scaly skin and hair to soften it and bring it back to top condition. Doggy and Fresh, Sensitive & Repair Conditioner is a rich source of vitamin B and a to nourish the hair and skin in order.

The PH is adjusted to your pet's coat, leaving the natural layer of fat intact. The condition is due to the addition of nourishing ingredients such as nourishing oils, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are great for all vachtlengtes. The conditioner will help with the hair, prone to hair, the better to groom and also gives a beautiful deep shine.

Suitable for dogs up to flaky, itchy skin, dry skin, dry hair, dry ends, or hair loss.


Apply to the Doggy Fresh, Sensitive & Repair hair Conditioner to the pre-wet, washed hair. Apply the conditioner and leave in the conditioner a couple of minutes for it to take effect. Then the conditioner with lukewarm water rinse is to be used.

Store in a cool and dark place. Shake before use

Because of the use of only natural ingredients the color and viscosity of the product may vary.